GDI-DE Registry

GDI-DE Registry
Content Summary:
The INSPIRE infrastructure involves a number of items, which require clear descriptions and the possibility to be referenced through unique identifiers. Examples for such items include INSPIRE themes, code lists, application schemas or discovery services. The German GDI-DE Registry is a implementation for national extension of the given INSPIRE vocabulary.
Registry manager:
Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy, Operation Center GDI-DE
Other formats:


Soil code list register
Soil code list register
Soil code list register (INSPIRE)
INSPIRE Register Brandenburg
Schlüsselwortliste für Metadaten GDI-BW
INSPIRE-PLU Codelisten
Erweiterte INSPIRE-Codelisten für die AdV
INSPIRE-Codelisten für die FGEO BW
INSPIRE Codelisten zum Thema Boden
INSPIRE Codelisten (BSH)
Register der Bundesanstalt für Gewässerkunde
XPlanung Codelisten
VDL Denkmalpflege Codelisten
Codelisten-Register des JKI


The INSPIRE Registry has been developed under Action 1.17 of the ISA Programme: A Reusable INSPIRE Reference Platform.